G Week 2022

G Week is a tradition that sees new graduates participate in a series of events to get to know other grads and more about Canberra. We strongly encourage new grads to attend G Week is this is the time when many new friendships are made.

When: Sunday 30 January 2022 to Sunday 6 February 2022

Covid-19 information: SNOG encourages attendees to carefully check official health advice. If you have symptoms or are a close contact we advise you to stay at home.

Please check the G Week event on FB for the most up to date information: https://fb.me/e/1xdkWLWNE

Please note that G Week is for 2022 graduates who have paid the SNOG membership fee of $20. This cost covers your membership for the whole year, allowing you to participate in events throughout the year. SNOG is a not-for-profit organisation and membership fees go towards practical aspects of events, such as venue deposits and bar tabs. You can sign up as a member online or at a SNOG event.

If you have any questions or concerns about membership please email president@snogcanberra.com.

G Week 2022 Schedule:

Awesome events for Canberra-based grads!

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