Ski Trip

The ski trip is one of our most popular annual events.  Every year SNoG and the Canberra graduates descend upon Australia’s winter wonderland!

We will be snow-bound again this year – all the info is in our Facebook Event! Check it out here. 

Whether you are a ski bunny, first timer or après-ski is more your scene, you don’t want to miss this snow-filled, action-packed weekend!

For more information please email


3 thoughts on “Ski Trip”

  1. hello i recently put in the 20dollars for membership and the 255 for the snowy trip – was just wondering if that was accepted.

    1. Hi Saurabh,

      Thanks for your enquiry. Those payments should have been accepted.
      Just to be sure our treasurer has been contacted and we will get back to with an email confirmation quick smart!

      Matt Daly
      Media Liaison Officer

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