SNoG hosts a wide range of events each year. Stay tuned for updates on these events and many more throughout the year.

Upcoming events:

  • SNOG Ball – Saturday 12 March 2022
  • The 2021 ball has been moved to March in 2022.
  • Note: this event is for 2021 grads only.

Past events

The 2021 SNOG Exec are passionate about running fun and interesting events for Canberra-based grads. Here’s what we’ve done so far:

  • Saturday, 15 May – Picnic in the Park          
  • A catered picnic on a sunny day in the beautiful Beijing Gardens.
  • Guests enjoyed fruit, pastries, croissants and orange juice. 
  • Photos of the event can be found below and in the FB group.
  • Event:
  • Friday, 28 May – SNOG Reloaded at Reload Bar
  • Our first ‘big’ event, this was a party at Reload Bar.
  • SNOG Members were provided with two free drinks.
  • Highlights of the night included the pool tables and $1000 bar tab. 
  • Event:
  • Thursday 10 June – Grads Assemble
  • Around 40 grads joined us for after work drinks at Assembly.
  • The event took place in Assembly’s cosy and well-lit beer garden. 
  • Grads Assemble saw grads make new friends and reconnect with familiar faces. 
  • FB event:
  • Saturday 10 July – Christmas in July Cocktail Party 
  • This event was a ‘naughty or nice’ themed cocktail party.
  • Held at a festively decorated Kokomo’s, attendees were provided with six canapés and two drinks.
  • Photos are available on the FB event page.
  • Saturday 28 August Shrekflix and Chill (virtual) 
  • A chilled out Shrek movie night.
  • FB event:
  • Thursday 2 September Grad Trivia Night (virtual)
  • Fierce battle for $100 prize on  pop culture.
  • FB event: 
  • Thursday 9  September – Games Night: Kahoot Edition (virtual)
  • Grads competed for 5 x $20 prizes on Kahoot.
  • Saturday 30 October – SNOG Presents: Saturday Sesh
  • A ‘welcome back’ picnic by Kingston Foreshore.
  • FB event:
  • Friday 12 November – SNOG Presents: Summer in the Mountains 
  • A weekend of outdoor adventures and jovial drinks.
  • FB event: 
The 2021 SNOG Exec at the Christmas in July Cocktail Party on 10 July 2021.

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