Sports Chair

Name: Joe

Department: Department of Health

My role: Responsible for facilitating sporting activities for members:

These events include:

    • Social sporting events
    • An interdepartmental sporting tournament
    • The “Amazing Race”
    • Hiking and some day trips
    • Fun runs
    • Ice Skating
    • Getting together to watch some sporting events including State of Origin and the AFL Grand Final.

Joe‘Originally from Brisbane and currently stocking up on thermals for winter. I enjoy travel, sport and a good bowl of Pho. I believe that sport is a great way to socialise, build networks, de-stress and have fun at the same time.’

New to Canberra? There is plenty to do in Canberra despite what people say and it is easy to have an active social life as a Graduate. Definitely put yourself out there, be open, meet people and enjoy your Graduate Program.



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