Name: Fiona

Role: As President of the Social Network of Graduates, I am responsible for:

  • Ensuring the successful coordination of the executive committee.
  • Representing the Social Network of Graduates at events and activities.
  • Acting as the point of contact for all non-member enquiries.
  • Assisting the executive committee members to ensure all events/roles run smoothly.

fionaI’m from a small country town in north-west NSW. I went to school and uni in Sydney so thoroughly enjoy a good brunch and get around in my athleisure wear a little too often. I eased my way into uni with an Arts degree, then got a little more serious and did a JD. I have a very high threshold for terrible reality tv, love a good wine and cheese session, and enjoy playing touch and netball.

New to Canberra? Canberra really isn’t as bad as you’ve been told! Apart from the weather (which is arctic), there is so much to like about Canberra, and getting involved in SNoG would be one of the better decisions you could make.





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