Media Liaison Officer

Name: Emily

Graduate Program: Department of Agriculture and Water Resources

My role: My role is to co-ordinate all of the Social Network of Graduates’ media including:

  • Developing and promoting all communication material for SNoG
  • The design, content creation and management of our social media platforms and website.
  • Creating and distributing the promotional and marketing collateral for SNoG and SNoG events.
  • Assisting with SNoG events when required.
  • I am supported by the Media Liaison Subcommittee – our communication and design gurus (AKA other 2017 Canberra graduates).

“Main hobbies include bingeing TV series, books, chocolate and/or pringles… I also have an unhealthy addiction to YouTube. But I studied/work in media and communication so think of it as ‘research’.”


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