Assistant Treasurer

Name: Michael

Graduate Program: Department of Home Affairs

Exec Position: Assistant Treasurer

My role:  I work with the SNoG Treasurer to manage the Social Network of Graduates fiscal responsibilities, including:

  • Processing membership payments, managing event expenses, coordinating the day-to-day banking, and managing bank accounts
  • Working with the SNoG executive committee to ensure events are cost appropriate and to ensure money is used in the most effective manner.
  • Seeking and gaining sponsorship of SNoG and it’s relevant events



“Despite once thinking that I would never migrate away from Sydney, I’ve come to find myself living in Canberra.  I’m always keen to catch a game of footy and sink a few tinnies, having recently adopted the GWS Giants.  If you’re interested in trivia, you’ll probably see me at the Lighthouse on Tuesdays.”


New to Canberra? Make sure you keep an open mind when you move to Canberra. Despite it being labelled the ‘Bush Capital’, there’s plenty to do.  Everyone who moves to Canberra for a Graduate Program is experiencing similar feelings. Make friends, and explore together!


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