Corporate Social Responsibility Sub-Committee

The Corporate Social Responsibility Sub-Committee plays an important role in assisting the Corporate Social Responsibility Chair and promoting inclusion and providing  assistance to all graduates in Canberra.

Diverse in Gender and Sexuality (DIGS) Officer:

“Whatever your sexual identity is you should feel included and accepted. As DIGS Officer I am always happy to chat to you if you ever want information or support.”

Women’s Officer:

“I am passionate about representing the interests of all female identifying graduates. I am responsible for identifying activities and support networks in Canberra available to anyone who identifies as a woman.”

Indigenous Liaison Officer:

“I aim to promote and advance the interests of all Indigenous graduates, as well as sharing our rich Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture with all graduates.”

Disability Engagement Officer:

“I promote the interests of graduates with a disability and raise awareness of the unique needs and skills of persons with a disability. Contact me if you would like more information on how you can receive support, or you would like to know how you can help other graduates who have a disability.”

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